Railroad Simulation "Bounty Train" releasing May 16th

Railroad Simulation "Bounty Train" releasing May 16th Foto: Divulgação

Release to the press on May 4th. It follows these guidelines of Drops de Jogos.

After a successful Steam Early Access period, Bounty Train from Daedalic Entertainment and Corbie Games will be released on May 16th for PC and Mac. Two editions will be available: the basic edition for $24.99 and the Trainium Edition, including the soundtrack, digital artbook, two special in-game items and the first DLC for $34.99. In addition, a new, free update with additional quests, achievements, and balancing improvements will be released as well.

Bounty Train combines the best of trade simulation, real time strategy and rogue-like features into a complex, tactically challenging game with a historical setting. The player has to keep many balls in the air - dealing with real time skirmishes with bandits, trading goods for the best prices, resource management, train optimization and keeping the line and train in shape. In addition, Bounty Train places the player in real historical events, from the onset of the Civil War, to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln - and depending on player choices and performance, the course of history may be changed.


  • Experience a mix of strategy, simulation and rogue-like gameplay elements
  • Manage a beautiful, historically accurate steam train and routes, protect your train and its cargo as you steam across the American frontier
  • Defend your train against bandits, and team up with one of four playable factions
  • Influence the course of history with your actions, reflected in the game by multiple endings
  • Live through historical events and inventions from the Wild West 

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